I’ve always thought of myself as a healthy eater. I would always buy whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta. I often baked from scratch and rarely ate fast food. I ate foods from all 4 food groups contained in Canada’s Food Guide.

Then in 2008…

We had our first baby and wow did our life change!

I mean yes, your life changes A LOT with a new baby and raising a baby can take down two grown adults in no time, but for us the foods we normally ate changed too!

At about 2 months old our little guy had a severe case of eczema.

At birth we had to put mitts on our son so he would not scratch himself to the point where he was bleeding. He was red from head to toe. He would scratch his face, stomach, arms, and legs.

He Didn’t sleep more than 2 hours in a row.

This drove both of us to exhaustion!

He also had nearly constant diarrhea. Of course this led to very poor weight gain. He was in the negative percentile for weight on growth charts. Who knew this was even possible????

This led to a huge tension between the doctors and me. The doctors wanted to see him gaining weight – well so did I, but everything I fed him would run right through him. The doctors would say feed him and I would but nothing helped.

I was so frustrated because I was breast feeding and wasn’t that suppose to be the best for him?

I was so worried about his development and permanent scaring on his body from his raw skin.


New Parents and a Sick Baby

So here we were new parents with a sick baby.

Doctors kept telling us to just put steroid cream on his skin as treatment. I knew this would only be a temporary fix and not get to the root of the problem.

Next was test after test….stool samples, urine samples, blood work etc… Can you image having to do this to your tiny baby? At one point I was asked to get a stool sample without urine on it! Really??? From a baby!!!!

Next was a dietician, again she could not offer any real solutions. It was time for alternative treatment for healing his skin!

We approached Sunrider, a Chinese herbal company whose products we had been using for a couple of years for cleansing, nourishing, and balance.

Sunrider’s philosophy is that with a well nourished body it will heal itself and thrive.

We started with a hair sample to find out which foods our son was sensitive to, something western medicine says cannot be done.

Next we started eliminating the foods that were harmful to our little guy’s body. Most dominating was cutting out wheat, dairy, and red meat. These foods are very inflammatory.

This meant because I was breast feeding I had to eliminate these foods as well because whatever you eat get transferred to your baby through  your breast milk.

We were discovering the way to healing his skin with through healing his stomach.

With this change our son started to sleep for 3 hours in a row!!! This was huge progress for us.

Over the next couple years we have evolved to eating foods in their whole state. We have eliminated wheat, dairy, red meat, as well as a few other foods we later discovered are hard on our digestion. For example, we cut out canola oil and refined sugars.

We rarely buy foods with labels and have never looked back!

Weight just fell off myself and my husband. My skin cleared up and I’m even noticing my varicose veins are healing.

It is that amazing!!! Feed the body and it will heal and thrive!

I truly believe with a diet that has inflammatory foods removed all chronic disease can be eliminated with a positive attitude!

This new way of living has become an obsession. I can’t help but talk food at work, at social functions, and in casual passing with friends.

Other’s I know have also seen great results as well!

One friend had severe crohn’s disease, to the point where she could not bare her stomach pain. She also had sinusitis for which she underwent surgery.

At the end of her rope she changed her diet to eliminate inflammatory food and now she has healed her body. She has lost weight, her skin cleared up, and she is no longer taking any medications!

Another friend couldn’t eat out for fear of stomach pain and diarrhea. This really impacted her life socially and emotionally. Again, eliminating wheat to start, then dairy restored her body back to health.

This is possible for you too!!!!

If you are suffering with anything chronic,

Like eczema, multiple sclerosis, crohn’s disease etc…and even cancer

Or that ends with “itis”

Such as sinusitis, arthritis, colitis, diverticulitis

Changing what you eat will make all the difference to a healthy body!

The saying “you are what you eat” is sooooo true.

Eat garbage you feel like garbage…eat nourishing whole foods and thrive!

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