Benefits of Green Smoothies

Sick And Tired Of Feeling Sick and Tired?

I mean you are super busy when summer hits with BBQ’s, weddings, camping, going to the lake etc….who has energy to be at work? Who has time to prepare meals and be healthy?

Once fall hits you think it will be over but then school starts, after school and weekend activities start, plus you gotta close up the cottage/camper and so on…

Ok you’re thinking once winter comes things have got to slow down but then the days are shorter and who feels like doing anything, plus stuff has piled up in the house with such a busy summer and fall…you get the idea. This cycle never ends!!!!

We all have days where we don’t feel like getting out of bed. If only we could just lay here a little bit longer. Wouldn’t that be nice??? To not have to get up and go to work? Wouldn’t it be great to be retired? We think that is the answer. If only we could just quick our jobs…or retire…or be on permanent vacation???

Life feels so good while on vacation. Seems like there is nothing to complain about…seems like days just fall into place. It feels easy to get out of bed early and stay up late. We have endless energy and stress.

We have all been there. Then our vacations are over and back to reality with little energy to get out of bed and can’t wait to hit the pillow at night.


There Is A Way To Feel Great All Year Round…

Ok so you are fatigued, you are exhausted! You may think you need to quit your job or find a new career or hire help around the house. But how can you pay your bills? So clearly that is not the solution.

The Real Solution is to EAT LIVE FOODS!!!!

Our bodies are giving us a message that we are deficient in vitamins and minerals. We need to wake up and listen. It makes sense, right?

I mean we all know that all the processing our foods go through damages the life force in our food. Plus farming is not what it used to be.

One really simple way is to introduce green smoothies!!


These little guys take only 10-15 mins to prepare including clean up. Sounds like a simple investment to nourish and heal your body.

Your body responds by being feeling more lively.

Eat more live foods filled with life and feel more alive! You will have more life in you putting live foods in your body.


The Trick Is To Make Sure Your Smoothies Contain GREENS

A quick and easy smoothie recipe I often whip together has cucumber, banana, strawberries, and spinach with water.

I like the cucumber for a base. Sometimes I use zucchini depending what I have on hand.

The banana gives it a creamy texture or if you don’t like the taste of banana avocado is quite similar.

The strawberries taste super yummy to me but you can substitute your favourite berry here.

I recommend spinach cause it is the mildest flavour of the greens and will ease you into other greens like kale, chard, etc..

The water makes it more liquid so you can drink. I use this instead of juice cause there is no calories and there is so much flavour in the foods you don’t really need juice

All these ingredients also provide lots of vitamins and minerals to fuel your body for a great day!


Now Over To You….

Blend a green smoothie everyday! Give yourself the 15 minutes you deserve!

Let me know what changes you have noticed adding a green smoothie and day. Here is something my clients tend to notice – clearer skin, softer hair, and more energy.