How To Get Into A Rhythm In The Kitchen

Want to cook from scratch but find you are too busy?

How does everyone do it?

There is so much to do how can I possibly accomplish cooking from scratch????

You are just too overwhelmed.

You are probably thinking about how you should be eating healthier all the time. It consumes you.

You feel guilty constantly for eating crap but you can’t see a way out! It just seems quicker and sometimes it feels cheaper to eat processed foods.


All Day It Is Run Run Run!!!

I hear ya! I have a husband who puts in long hours at work, three kids (ages 4,5,and 6), and work outside the home! On top of that I am launching an online biz.

Really enough said already! I am busy!!! Our life is full!

I know what it is like living out of laundry baskets cause there feels like there is no time to put it away!

And please give me at least an hour notice before popping in so I can make our home at least presentable….

Between dishes, groceries, and keeping the household happy there feels like there is just no time to prepare food from scratch!

Not to mention homework and the hundred other things working mom’s do.

I am that busy too!

On top of that our household is gluten free, dairy free, and egg free. We eat foods that are non-GMO and eat no red meat.


Get into the Groove…

It feels like everyday runs into the next and there is no way of getting ahead.

You may have tried getting up earlier and/or staying up later but find yourself just exhausted after a couple weeks.

Short of hiring help you can’t see a way out!

The way to stop this madness is to develop a rhythm in your home around your family’s meals. This means a rhythm around menu planning, grocery shopping, meal prep, and cooking.

For menu planning I use a theme for each day with three variations. I found out this method from Adrienne Percy with Traditional Wisdom Modern Kitchen. Every couple or three months I change it up. For example in the summer my variations include burgers and salads and in the winter I’m more likely to prepare soups and stews.

I have found that grocery shopping one day a week really saves me time and energy running to the grocery store every day or two. Really there is always an excuse to go grab something quick but with a little creativity there is always something else you can substitute to be equally good or sometimes even better than the original choice.

If you have your menu planned ahead you can cut up some foods for the next couple days to save time. For example if you use onions alot chop up some for the next three days. That leaves one mess to clean up and three meals started. Some prep can also be done in the evening to save time at meal time with starving kids around. I find even if you can give yourself 15 mins the night before it saves so much stress.


The Cause of Your Lack of Time is Really Lack of Rhythm

So the way to combat your guilt all day long and that question of what are we going to have for supper tonight is really just a few steps away from being solved!

I would highly recommend having a few weeks of menus that include your family favourites on hand that you can rotate through.

Do a weekly grocery shop and stick with it.

Do prep for the next day while you’re preparing today’s meal and include some prep time in the evenings if needed.

After this the cooking part comes together effortlessly!


Now Over To You…

Make yourself a list of 5 easy meals your family loves and this will give you a really quick start to the process.

I would love for you to tell me your go to meal in the comments section below. This is the meal that you use automatically if you have nothing prepared. These meals often have few ingredients and come together quickly.


  • Debs

    Reply Reply November 4, 2016

    My ‘go to’ recipe would have to be jacket potato probably filled with grated cheese and tinned baked beans or tinned ‘Amy’s Kitchen’s organic vegetarian chilli con carne.

    I am so inspired by your very interesting information, I will definitely be including myself in your chat.

    Thank you so much for your website it’s really so brilliantly put together. I so need a change of diet and become free of pain.

    Thank you Charlotte, once again you’re helping me without even knowing that you are!


  • Debs

    Reply Reply November 4, 2016


    Just thought about my ‘Go To’ recipe again and it would actually have to be pasta or risotto, very simple with grated parmesan cheese.

    I had the benefit of having an Italian family staying with me for 3 months very recently and they taught me the most wonderful way to cook true Italian pasta dishes with maybe just three ingredients!


  • Helen Bourget

    Reply Reply September 22, 2017

    Thank you so much I’m so glad the universe has led me to find you through a domino effect of certain people I’ve just been listening to Kelly Lundt through a recommendation from Tyler’s Tarot on YouTube ?Kelly Lundt talked about how your baby had ecezema all over his whole body! Recently like 1/12 yrs ago I have developed this as well I’ve been to the doctors and specialists and have come up empty as to a solution to this issue! I’m tired of using steroid creams over and over ! I have been guided to take a closer look at my eating habits and to get back to a healthy way of living! I hope I can work with you as to how to heal my body by eliminating certain foods that are causing me to have this terrible rash all over my body!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart that I found you!! Helen

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